Patient Testimonials

"Don't hesitate, you've got nothing to lose!
Dr. Maharajh helped me find new energy with adrenal supplements and rid me of debilitating back pain! The costs were very up front and agreed upon before service, when my insurance didn't cover what they had agreed to cover, I still did not get a bill (yes, I checked and offered to pay the difference - because it worked!)."

Jen J.

"I've just started coming here for acupuncture recently. First of all I love the atmosphere! It's a beautiful space! I've suffered from low back pain for years. At my first appointment I was having a really bad day- I was struggling to even sit and so I opted for an injection (I’ll try anything!). She was wonderful and so sweet and the injection was painless. I felt much better the next day. My next appointment I had my first acupuncture session. I've tried this a few times before elsewhere but this was the best experience I've had. I struggle to stay relaxed because I've had pain with every acupuncture treatment I've ever had- but here I had No pain... And when all the needles were in she left me with dim lights, peaceful music, and warming lamps. It was actually a bit of heaven in the middle of my day... I was sad when she came back in where normally I'm counting the time until they take the needles out! The whole staff is very nice and accommodating and attentive. What a gem of a place to find in New Port Richey!"

Kassie K.

"Excellent experience with pain relief. I had an injury that prevented me from walking without support. After one acupuncture treatment, I was able to put weight on my foot with no pain. I also left with a sense of alignment and well-being."

Ann S.

"They are awesome. Everything about the visit from the time you walk in the door, your treatment and then check out awesome. And I've gotten rapid response to the treatments."

Faith B.

"I have found this experience was so relaxing and worked very well for me. Pain medication I was taking was not helping me and I had to find something else to ease pain. Dr. Stefanie Jones was very helpful. She explained everything and how it works. O highly recommend this to all my friends. Many live with pain and don't have to."

Valerie G.

"Absolutely wouldn't go anywhere else , even being out of state for work the staff here contacted a business here and had them keep everything up front until I got there . Thank you again!"

Joe C.

"David and Lisa are great to work with! David is always so positive and great at working with my busy schedule! Lisa is great at explaining everything. I feel so much better after my acupuncture sessions and my energy level has more than doubled!
Thank you Lisa and David!!!"

Linda J.

"I highly recommend Maharajh Acupuncture. I am thankful to have made a connection with them at this point in my life. My journey with them has been nothing but good, I was skeptical about acupuncture at first, but not anymore. Thank you for all you do."

Mark R.

"David and Dr. Lisa are wonderful people and awesome professionals. From my first visit everything was explained and all questions answered in a very informative manner. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. It's evident that they care for all people and their desire is to make a difference in my health and my life. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship."

Deryl Burney

"Always have Great Service when i go here. Doctor Lisa & Doctor Laura have both treated me & they are Top Notch. David is also very helpful with any questions i have. For anyone who has never been to an Acupuncturist I highly recommend getting a few treatments. For those of you who are afraid of NEEDLES I can say Don't be. These Needles are so so Thin. All you feel is a tiny little prick. A Mosquito Bite & a Bee Sting are MUCH MUCH Worse!
I have been helped by these Treatments! This is the Most peaceful Doctors Office you will ever go to. They have many types of treatments that they will discuss with you. Both of the Doctors are very concerned about your well-being. They take their time & talk to you about what is ailing you & they listen to your concerns."

Mark L.